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30 Best Work From Home Gifts – Great Ideas for Remote Working

Times have certainly changed this past year. While many people had already been looking for ways to work remotely, nobody expected to be thrown into working from home overnight. Suddenly an entire workforce had to figure out ways to make working from home more comfortable and efficient. When thinking about what to get that someone who has transitioned from the office to remote working, we decided to put together the best work from home gifts that have helped us create a better workspace over the past three years.

Best Gifts for Remote Work from Home

Before settling down in 2018 we had been on the road for eight years. When we transitioned from working on the road to having a home office, we wanted to make sure we had the most inviting office space to inspire our best work. Through trial and error, we have found great office gadgets, gear, and decor to create the ultimate home office. If you know someone who works from home, these gift ideas should help you get creative when finding the perfect holiday gift. So let’s get shopping!

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Noise Cancelling Headphones

Gifts for people who work at home wireless headphones

When there are too many distractions around the house, noise-canceling headphones are the perfect option. I put on mellow jazz or peaceful meditation mix when I’m writing and it blocks out all the noise.( We have construction all around us!) Sometimes when I really need to concentrate, I simply put on the headphones for silence. I (Deb) use Beats Solo Wireless Headphones because I like having full ear coverage. Dave loves his Apple Airpods. We both use them when we are doing joint interviews as well. Check them out on Amazon.

Ring Light

Best Office Gifts Ring Light

In today’s world, we have a lot of online meetings. The ring light is a great addition to a home office. Most computer desktops face a wall or corner and even though laptops are mobile, the light just never seems right. Once we invested in a ring light, it lit up our faces, softened the shadows, and evened out our skin tone. (Yes, I was a TV makeup artist in a previous life.) Now I feel confident I will look alert and fresh when I have online meetings or interviews. Friends of ours have switched to the Cube Light and say it is even better. Methinks one of us will be getting the Cube Light for Christmas this year! (Shhh, Don’t tell Dave)

Lap Desk

Best Work from home gifts lap pad

The advantage of working from home is that we can switch things up. I work at my desktop all morning, but I love being able to move to another room for a change of pace. So, I grab my laptop and bring it to the couch with a lap desk. I ruined my neck in my early days of travel blogging by laying on hotel beds to write, but if I had a lap desk that would have set my laptop on a lap desk to get it a the correct height, I probably wouldn’t be having the neck and back issues I am having today. Buy this stylish white marble LapGear Home Office Lap Desk with a built-in ledge, phone holder, and mouse pad on Amazon.

Blue Microphone

Work Gifts Microphone

I have watched so many zoom calls and tv interviews with terrible sound. The Blue Microphone is a small investment that makes the sound of your voice crisp and clear. Its directional mic blocks out ambient noise and it captures the depth of my voice. When listening to people through their computer speakers the base is missing and voices sound tinny and sometimes downright irritating. I have had to change the channel when listening to guests zoom into news stations and their voices sound like a tin can. If they had the Blue Microphone, they’d sound golden. Plus, it is great for YouTube Video voiceovers as well. Pick up this Blue Yeti Microphone for recording and streaming on Amazon in the color of your choice. It’s compatible with Mac or PC.

Adjustable Foot Rest

gifts for home office foot stool

One thing I find when working at my desk for long periods of time is that I need to move my feet and I want them up to ease pressure on my back. I am constantly fidgeting at my desk, and the way to remedy this is an adjustable footrest. I have seen desk foot hammocks and stools as well, but for me, adjustable is the way to go. I find that depending on my mood, I want a height adjustment. As a work-from-home person, my wish list for this year is this adjustable footrest. (hint, hint Dave) Get this affordable adjustable footrest on Amazon today.

Charging Hub

Gift ideas for home office USB Charging hub

Before we really organized our office, I had chargers everywhere. We have so many electronics between headphones, iPhones, mics, and cameras, we have chords everywhere. Creating a dedicated charging station has helped us charge our electronics easily before traveling and keeping everything in one place. This 6 port USB charging station will keep the person you are shopping for organized and happy.

CloudValley Webcam Privacy Cover

best home office gifts webcam cover

Our friends Andrew and Rebecca introduced us to the webcam privacy cover. These computer privacy covers are a great choice for an affordable work from home gift. You never know who can get access to your computer these days, so when not using your webcam, cover it. The metal cover is easy to slide up and down when you are ready to use your webcam.

Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

working from home gifts water infuser

One of my worst habits when working from home is that I don’t drink enough water. I fill up my water bottle each morning, sit is beside my desk, and proceed to not drink a thing. Infusing fruit into my water has inspired me to drink more. I look at raspberry or orange-infused water as sipping a delicious cup of tea. It has helped me stay hydrated and healthy and I find that with a little flavoring I drink more. The fruit infusion water bottle is an easy way to add excitement to your tap water. This is a great work-from-home gift for under $25.


work from home gifts soda stream

Another way I’ve been staying hydrated as I work from home is by using my soda stream. It seems to be my go-to afternoon refreshment. A little bubble works like caffeine (without the caffeine) waking me up! It’s refreshing, delicious, and keeps my daily intake of water to the max. Your friend or loved one who works from home will love this gift! Make sure to give them some flavouring – Lime Cordial is my go-to flavour for my Soda Stream.

Decorative Plants

Home Gift Ideas House Plants

Bring a hint of flair and originality to a home office by adding plants. Everyone loves plants and this makes for the perfect gift for someone working from home. My friend Arienne from SeeYouSoon Travel brought Dave and me two beautiful easy to care for plants that are almost impossible to kill. They add colour and warmth to office spaces making it a more welcoming environment to work in.

Apple Pencil and iPad

Work from home gifts iPad

I take a lot of useless notes during the day. Whenever I am on a conference call, I feel the need to jot down notes. I end up tossing paper galore. That is until I got an iPad with Apple Pencil. I now doodle and take notes and don’t waste paper or make a mess. It attaches to my iPad and automatically charges.

Smart Notebook

Work from home gift ideas digital notepad

If you don’t want the huge expense of an iPad, a Smart Notebook is a fun option. Instead of having sticky notes all over the office (I’m guilty of this) consider a smart notebook. It works like a dry erase pad or easel, but it’s in a notebook. You can write your notes and wipe them away when you have finished your tasks or doodling.

Note Pads

Home office Gifts Note Pads

I have a ton of journals. It seems that at every event I attend, I receive a journal, but nothing compares to a regular notepad. If you want a more affordable option for the Apple Pencil and iPad, a fun notepad makes for a great stocking stuffer for remote workers. I don’t need my daily notes saved in a journal forever, I want them gone once the tasks have been tackled. I need to be able to write my to-do list down, check them off when finished, and move on. I go through about a page a week.

Fun Coffee Mug

Fun coffee mugs work from home gifts

Looking for something easy to get that certain someone who works from home? A fun coffee mug is an easy stocking stuffer or gift under $25. Dave recently got us huge matching mugs that say Hubby and Wifey. I love having a cup of herbal tea in the afternoon in my oversized mug. I love a big handmade tea mug like this one when working at my desk for hours on end.

Picture Frame

Home office gifts digital picture frame

I simple way to spruce up any home office is with decorative picture frames. Picture frames are a great choice when shopping for gifts for people who work from home. Think about their style and get them an elegant frame to put their awards, family pictures, or loving pet in a frame so they can glance at their favourite moments in time throughout the day. This Waysse Picture frame will fit any decor.

Scented Candles

Scented Candles working from home gifts

Working from home can get a bit stuffy. Many people are banished to the basement or forced into a corner in the kitchen. A scented candle can instantly lighten the mood. It’s all about making a home office space inviting and comfortable to work in. A scented candle can help relax the everyday stresses of work. A lavender-scented candle can help calm the nerves when I am getting stressed out with work. Choose one of these scented soy candles.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Gifts for remote workers diffuser

If you want to up the scented candle a bit, an essential oil infuser will be greatly appreciated as a gift for people who work from home. I love adding a touch of eucalyptus or peppermint to my diffuser in the afternoon. It wakes me up and the scent lasts all night so when I go back to the office in the morning, it has the beautiful scent of a spa. Make sure to pair the diffuser with a few essential oils. Lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and cedarwood are great places to start. This is a great diffuser.

Lumbar Support Cushion

Lumbar support gifts for working from home

Let’s face it, sitting all day is not good for you. But it’s part of the job. While an Ergonomic Home Office Chair might be out of the budget (and besides a chair really is a personal choice) a lumbar support cushion is the perfect gift to make sitting at the desk bearable. Check out this lumbar support cushion.

Standing Desk

Work from home gifts for men Standing Desk

If you know a person well, you could get them a standing desk. But this is a personal choice. Someone might have a desk they already love and not everyone wants to stand as they work. I’ve tried it, I need to sit to edit and type. It just doesn’t work for me. But I do like this standing desk as it adjusts with a motor making it easy to tailor the height to any position. Sometimes I simply like raising and lowering my chair, so with this desk, I can change the height to how I am feeling.


Cool gifts home office cubii

Dave and I have an elliptical trainer at home, but if I didn’t have something to hop on inside the house I think I’d like a Cubii. While a Cubii can’t replace good old-fashioned walking or working out, it can at least get the legs moving when you are putting in a 12 hour day at the home office. Studies have found that people are working longer hours from home and we are all forgetting to move. I look at this as a fun gift to get someone who works from home. I mean, who would ever think of buying themselves a Cubii?

Desk Calendar

home office gifts calendar

I know we all use our Google calendars these days, but it is still nice to have an old-fashioned decorative desk calendar. Think about what the person’s interests are and get them a lovely desk calendar for their home office. We love to travel and this 1000 Places to See Before you Die calendar by our friend Patricia Schultz is an amazing choice for the travel lover in your life.

Affirmations Wall Art

gifts for home office inspirational wall art

One thing that helps motivate me is seeing my favourite motivational quote front and center. When I’m feeling blue, I always go back to the quotes that inspired me. People almost always have empty wall space in their home office, so help them spruce it up with some Wall Art. Positive affirmations surrounding their workspace can help motivate them to work throughout the day to achieve their goals.


Work from home gifts for her Pajamas

Okay, we are going there! Yes, we work in our pajamas from home. For some reason, during the pandemic, I started wearing PJs all the time while working from home. Even though we have been remote workers for more than 10 years, it wasn’t until we were locked down that I found the joy of pajamas. When purchasing pajamas for someone working from home, make sure to get classy loungewear or classic flannels. It’s nice to be able to feel comfortable, but I find that it is still important to feel put together. I stocked up on pajamas that I feel comfortable answering the door for a delivery or even getting on a video call to chat with clients. PJs have come a long way baby!


gifts for women working at home slippers

Comfy feet make for a comfy workspace. Slippers have always been a fan favourite for holiday gifts and when searching for gifts for someone who works from home, this is an easy choice. You can never have enough slippers. Even when working from home, we like to change things up a bit. I change up my loungewear and I like to change up my footwear. Sometimes it’s big slouchy reading socks, and others it’s an elegant slipper.

Wireless Speakers

Cool gifts for the home office wireless speakers

I don’t like to wear headphones all day long, but it is always nice to have soft music playing. Or in the afternoons, more upbeat tracks to help with motivation. While Dave and I use a SONOs system, this can be quite expensive to get someone. But affordable wireless speakers are a great addition to any office allowing soft music to sit on the desktop letting you listen to podcasts or music in style.

Desk Lamp

best home office gifts desk lamp

How many people do you know who have the same desk lamp they have been using since high school or college? It wasn’t until this past year that we finally bought modern desk lamps to suit our style. If you are having a hard time finding a gift for someone who works from home, try searching for a desk lamp with personality. You can go decorative or functional. If you want to go for something more unique, get a light therapy lamp. It’s perfect for the holidays as the days get shorter and we all become a little sunlight-deprived.

This Magnetic Floating Globe with LED light is a fun idea for people working from home who love to travel. I’m getting Dave this one for Christmas, it’s going to look great on his desk!

Gourmet Tea or Coffee

Coffee subscription

For that certain someone who has it all, why not get them monthly a gourmet coffee or tea subscription. Even if their home office is set up to perfection, you can add to making their workday that much better by having a new flavor to try each month. It’s the gift that they’ll remember as you’ll be sending them a delicious treat each month for the next year!

Custom Luxury Pen

gifts for men who work at home pen

Even though we have all gone the way of electronics, people still love a good pen. An elegant gift idea for home office workers is to give them a classy pen. You can even have something engraved on it. I love a good pen that writes like butter.

Blue Blocking Glasses

office desk gifts blue blocking glasses

Even if you don’t wear glasses, it’s a good idea to wear blue-light blocking glasses when working at the computer. When staring at the screen all day, my eyes feel fatigued and my blue-blocking glasses work like a charm. This is a unique gift idea for people who work at home. It’s not something a lot of people buy for themselves, but just make sure that you get a pair that suits their style.

Adjustable Office Organizer

gifts for home office workers desk organizer

Let’s face it, we all have a lot of stuff on our desks. A great way to spruce up an office is to give the gift of organization. this small desktop organizer lets you organize your papers, books, pen and pencil holders, or knickknacks in a tasteful display while clearing up the clutter on your desk. This is an easy gift for those who work at home to make it into something of their own.

And these are our ideas for some of the best remote work from home gifts for that entrepreneur and businessperson in your life. What ideas do you have for gifts for people working from home?

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